2018 Submissions and Applications!

Why Hello There! If you are on this page maybe you want to submit a play to our festival? Excellent!! You are in the right place!

We are currently looking for plays that are 30 minutes or less for the festival. If you have one then drop us a line. We are looking for anything and everything!Drama, Comedy, farce, dramedy, tragedy, clown shows, puppet shows, you name it and we will consider it.

Our focus with this festival is local and community stories, so the more oriented your show is to that idea in some capacity the better!

Director/Playwright submissions

There are three different avenues depending on what you are submitting, so read carefully!

  • Are you submitting as someone who wrote a play! Click HERE
  • Are you submitting as a director with a play they want to direct? Click HERE
  • If you are a playwright and you know a director (or vice versa) you can submit as a team HERE

If you are a director with no show to direct then check out our Director Application here. We will try to pair you with an appropriate play when we get one!

Festival Production Team Positions!

We cannot run our festival without an amazing crew of talented and dedicated people. Currently, we are looking for the following positions to make this festival happen. IF you are interested in being a part of our team and helping us make the 2017 Ward One Acts amazing then drop us an application! Just click HERE to read the job specifications!

Currently looking for:

  • Festival Stage Manager
  • Festival Assistant Stage Managers
  • Festival Set Designer
  • Festival Lighting Designer
  • Festival Costume Designer
  • Head of Carpentry
  • Head of Props
  • Head of Paint

General Volunteers!

We are always willing to accept help, so if you are just wanting to be a part of a team without a specific role, send volunteer@oneactguelph.ca an email! Let us know your availability over May, June, and July and what areas you are interested in. Please be as specific as possible…we want to get you where you’d have the best experience.

Just want to be on the mailing list? Feel free to sign up here!

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