About the GLT

Guelph Little Theatre has presented outstanding amateur theatre to audiences from Guelph and its surrounding communities for more than 80 years. In November 1935 GLT staged its first production, “Yellow Sands”.

GLT has earned a reputation for producing high-quality community theatre with talented actors, directors, designers and production staff from far and wide. Comedies, dramas, musicals, full-length plays, and one-acts – GLT has done them all!

Many community theatre awards have been accumulated along the way – both at the Western Ontario Drama League (WODL) and at the Theatre Ontario Festivals.

GLT is a 100% volunteer-run organization that welcomes participation of all interested community members. Operating its own venue in Guelph’s Ward/Two Rivers neighbourhood, GLT hosted the 2017 WODL Festival in March 2017.

The website for GLT can be found here.

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